Whiteland Indiana


Hoop Star

Shahna Jones

I hope to get accepted into a training program that applied for to become a certified peer support specialist so that I'll be able to bring hoops into places for less fortunate individuals . I'm in the process of gathering information and outlining a hoops outreach for the female incarcerated in adult jails, prisons, and juvenile facilities
Opening up
Self esteem
I want to teach them tools to create better mental health, physical health and to overcome addiction. Which is the primary reason for most criminals in incarceration

I am a positive minded person who has lived s colorful past. I am a recovering addict that found a better way of life. I put down prescription medicaation and picked up a hula hoop. I finally learned to live. I'm a Hooper from Indiana and I must say my best life has just begun since starting my hoop journey on July 27th, 2017. Dreams can come true!

Spinsanity Flow Down May 5-9, 2021 Charlotte, Mi

World Hoop Day Michigan October 3, 2020 Flint, Mi

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