Meet The 2021 Staff

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Morgan Jenkins

 Judge, Instructor


Filmography: fun and correct ways to use your camera for Hoop Vids

Lee Jeffries

 Judge, Instructor


Pop and Lock: Smooth And Solid dance moves you need in your pocket

Tiana Powell

Judge, Fire-Starter & Instructor


Tricks That are Lit: The Best Fire Hooping Tricks

Fer Sumano

Judge, Instructor 


Circus Hoops class from a world-class juggler/jaw-dropping hoop performer from Cancun, Mexico.

Marianna De Sanctis

Judge & Instructor


Touluose, France

Emotional Hooping: Learn how to express yourself artistically

Skeeter Falcone

Judge & Instructor


Speed and Control: A fresh and Spicy Skeeter Class

Shani Anne Marvelous

Roller Hooping Coach


Roller Hooping Tips, Tricks, and Practices: BYOS or Contact us for available skate sizes


Amanda Lee

Instructor / Throw Down Battle Host


Double Hoops: Hoop Moves that look Great 

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Sofia Nelson

Bonus Instructor


Team Choreographer: Battle Team Coach/ Group Choreography


Jennifer Pierre

Bonus Instructor


Slaying Scorpions: Take foot passes to the next level


Chuck Clark

Chuck Clark


Always entertaining with comedy and tricks: Performance Competition Host

Kylee Johnson

Bonus Instructor


Team Choreographer: Battle Team Coach/ Group Choreography

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Brandin Alexander

Bonus Instructor


Head, Shoulders, Knees And Nose : The Body Hooping Class For All Levels

Cait Cuevo

Bonus Instructor


Fun Folds with Techy Flow: Using Folds as Transitions

Tylor and Dan

Lead Event Coordinators


Let's Do This!!


Mindy Morgan

Record Setting Event Host / Event Manager


Queen Of The World Records and more.


Breanna Crissman

Bonus Instructor /

Event Manager


What the Judges are Looking For: Performance Judgong explained from the OG Champ Breezy Bre

Leah Michelle

Bonus Instructor


Stage Presence: Make the most of your personality from the 2020 Champ

Katie Morris

Bonus Instructor


Multi-Hoop Transitions: The Best Ways to add More Hoops to your performance


Madison Smith





Spinsanity Flow Down May 5-9, 2021

1025 Cochran Ave, Charlotte, Mi 48813

World Hoop Day Michigan October 3, 2020 Flint, Mi

TEXT OR CALL 586-713-2104

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