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If you got here from facebook, be sure to open this page in your browser (Chrome) for the donation site to work.

We understand a lot of you couldn't make it to WHDMi in person but you can still be there by supporting the cause. We set our biggest ever goal this year, to donate 100 total hula hoops to the kids of Flint. We received quite a bit of donations and can meet our goal if 40 more people can donate $20.

We found, through searching the internet, that the physical education department at Madison Academy in Flint is in need of 40 hula hoops and jump ropes. I spoke with their PE Teacher, she felt as though 40 hoops was a lot. Having participated in school functions, I know that 40 hula hoops will all get used, some will get broken and bent, especially the cheap hoops she had budgeted for. For a little bit more money we can make her stronger hula hoops out of polyurethane tubing for about $10 apiece. And I think they deserve 50 hula hoops.

The PE Teacher wrote:

"My students are wonderful, kind, loving children! They are rough around the edges, but soft inside. They are very active and love to move, and I want to give them every chance I can to do just that!

My students have endured hardships with lead water and many of them live in poverty.

The community in which they reside doesn't always allow them the mobility to safely be active outside. My students enjoy learning different physical activities and they thrive to be the best they can be.

It's hard to teach students skills necessary in physical education with us being a Title One with an extremely limited budget. The majority of my students are low income and rely on the school to provide the athletic equipment that they need to properly participate in physical education, sports, and activities.

My Project

Our physical education equipment is in dire need of replacement. Unfortunately, I cannot afford to replace it all on my own. My younger students absolutely love using jump ropes and hula hoops for a variety of activities."

THE BOYS AND GIRLS CLUB of Flint has been more than accommodating letting us use their facility for two years now. They continue to keep giving to the community in the face of adversity as this strong organization always has. Last year we made a cash donation to their organization. This year, in the name of World Hoop Day, we are also donating 50 hula hoops!

I am truly excited to make this year really count in what our community can give and contribute in service. Please join us in giving 100 hula hoops to the kids of Flint, Mi. (Then stay tuned for a hoop making party ).

All the hoops & Cash that were donated at the event I added to the fundraiser at $10 per hoop

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