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SPiN 2020

May 6-10, 2020 Charlotte, Mi

Ready to have the time of your life jumping into the hoop with the industries premiere Hoop Idols? Then welcome to Spinsanity Flow Down, a unique Hula Hooping Convention where contenders of all ages can level up their hoop flow and skills while enjoying a one of a kind fun-filled experience. If you are ready for an unforgettable HuLaLaLa Hooping adventure, consider spending it here with us.

Please hold tight as we rewrite the 2020 schedule :) Instructor announcements coming soon. 


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Get geared up to jump in the hoop with either Morgan Jenkins or Lee Jeffries and be part of either team battling for Throw Down at the Flow Down Champion. The Flow Down performance competition will be judged by the panel opposite of your team leader, ultimately awarding champions in a range of categories at the Throw Down. As always, we use the friendly competition as a way to grow and enthusiastically cheer each other on.


Performers who sign up for the Flow Down receive valuable feedback verbally and in writing on the judges score card to take home. No matter which hoop you are in ( Lee’s or Morgan’s), you will get the same lineup of classes from all the instructors, teaching you how to bring your best and level up your skills. Plus, coaching and encouragement from your celebrity hoop leader. Show Up Early on Wednesday for the VIP Lunch session with all our celebrity attendees.


At the Eaton County Fairgrounds we have access to multiple buildings to house us in bad weather and wide open spaces to enjoy sun, fresh air and evening Burn/Glow Down. Camping (with power) on site is available as well as nearby hotels and all other accomidies within minutes. Meals will be served three times a day and snacks available outside of those times. Flight pickups will be free at specified times from Detroit Metro Airport (DWT) and Capital Region International Airport in Lansing (LAN).


Spinsanity Record Contenders will attempt to break world records and set new ones. Records must be measurable and definite. Last years world records were submitted to Record Setter but unfortunately the company has closed. Despite the disappointment we are carrying on the record setting tradition because the activity pushed us to achieve amazing goals and we had a blast participating and watching. If you wish to attempt a Guiness World Record, contact them and be sure to read the guidelines/rules very, very thoroughly.

One of a kind Hula Hooping Convention

Guests get an individual experience that will last a weekend with either Morgan or Lee. 

Spinsanity Glow Down

Nightly after glow to let your character shine.

“You Spin me right round Baby, right round.

     Like a record, Baby, right round  round round”

Dead or Alive

World Hoop Day Michigan 2018