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On May 20th, 2023, in Charlotte, Mi

Certificate Of Completion

Was Presented to:

For Successfully Completing The Professional Performer Course at

SPiN Hula Hoop Convention

Professional Performer Certification

 Inspiring ourselves and each other to achieve greatness. 

Spin is offering the chance to Earn a professional Performer Certification to all guests who complete our Six Professional Development courses. This year we want to share all the secrets with you! The goal is to train hula hoopers in how to become a prepared and professional working performer. Certification will be in the form of a physical award Signed by the following instructors, and public online records. 


Professional Development Curriculum by SPiN & MET

  1. Marianna Desanctis: Find & Use your Character, Individuality & Personality

  2. Circeau Sisters: Performance Prep and Professional Performance Etiquette

  3. Kitty Hoops: Build a Multi Hoop or Single Hoop Routine

  4. Lola Loops: Finessing performance Details

  5. Lola Loops & Fer Su Films: Pose. Hula Hooping in Photos

  6. Michigan Entertainment and Talent + Breakout LLC: Professional Marketing

Class Descriptions

All Included in the All Access Ticket

To earn a certification, each class must be attended. Choose either class time when two are available.

Find & Use your Character, Individuality & Personality


Marianna De Sanctis

In this class Marianna will bring out your individuality and personality, then build a bridge together as you figure out how to translate that personality into the language of Hoop. Let's get creative and get more in tune with who you are as an artist. You can be more expressive. Find yourself and make your hoop be a part of you.

Marinna is trained in circus arts and professional international performer based out of France.

Image by Alexander Shatov

Build a Multi Hoop or Single Hoop Routine


Kitty Hoops

Listen to the music and create moments with the tricks by flexing your own unique style. Practice the 6 important moments in a routine that will keep the audience captivated.

Kitty Hoops is the Hula Hooping Queen of Cleveland, Ohio. A talented Multi-Hoop Artist, she has been spinning them for over a decade. She currently does Multi-Hoop Character shows. Her style is classic circus mixed with pop-star and impersonations.

Image by Alexander Shatov

Pose. Hula Hooping in Photos


Lola Loops & Fer Su Films

Pose: Hula Hooping in Photos
Ready to expand your Hoop posing skills? Come learn some FUNdamental posing techniques with your hula hoop! Either for promotional material, business or just for you! This workshop will help give you some added sparkle to your photos. Focusing on hoop stills & action shots.

Lola Loops: See previous class.
Fernanda Sumano is not only a world champion juggler from Cancun, Mexico, she is a videographer at her company Fer Su Films. While traveling the world performing, she captures colorful, energetic, and fun footage irresistible to watch.

Image by Alexander Shatov

Performance Prep and Professional Performance Etiquette

WEDS 4:00 PM

Circeau Sisters

Performance Prep! Learn Performance Etiquette with a small routine and put your performance to the test. This class will help you learn simple tasks that will help elevate your performance.

Cerceau Sisters have now produced two Live Circus Stage Showcases in Austin, Tx. Their creations boast a stellar cast and directorial vision. This year you can win a chance to be in their next production!!

Image by Alexander Shatov

Finessing performance Details


Lola Loops

We will explore how to move all the different parts of our bodies to accent & enhance our flow. We will focus on the dance we create with our hula hoop as our partner rather than the tricks and movements we make the hula hoop do. We will play with different musical sounds (provided by DJ Richnines) to help explore the
different movements our
bodies can create.

An outspoken performing artist, Lola's fluency is the language of audience engagement. Lola is a multi-faceted performance artist. Lola has been practicing and performing hoop artistry for 10 years, teaching and facilitating workshops for 7 years.

Image by Alexander Shatov

Professional Marketing

SAT 1:45PM (During Lunch)

Breakout Escape Rooms LLC + Michigan Entertainment and Talent

Rank Higher in your SEO by using these practices on your web presence. The first step to getting hired is having a professional online presence that actually shows up in search results. And guess what? You can do it yourself!

Dan, Tylor, & Nicole are small business owners in the entertainment industry that serve thousands of customers every month.

Image by Alexander Shatov

Eight Other ways to grow your hoop path at SPIN2023

All Included in the All Access Ticket

  1. Perform in front of our professional mentors and receive personal written and verbal feedback. Additionally, the Winner receives an all expenses paid opportunity to perform in the next Circeau Sisters Production

  2. Connect with major hoop personalities and curate networking opportunities. Many hoopers have met at SPiN and found themselves working and having fun together in the future.

  3. Ask the question. Whether you perform or not, the artists at SPiN are at your service to help you further your personal journey and perhaps achieve that breakthrough you have been waiting for. Talk to them and ask them anything you want to know.

  4. Take classes from the best instructors to learn new tricks and techniques including performing with fire. 

  5. Break a world record. If you are a driller, a master, a champion, uniquely talented,.. Lucky, then you can put a community or world record in your bag while having a little fun at SPiN. Even if you don't win the Title you are sure to gain some confidence in pushing yourself further than you ever have before. 

  6. Find yourself with your people. Gain some introspect on who you are by spending five days with your new best friends. The camaraderie and support at SPiN is unparalleled. It happens here because we understand the courage it takes to overcome your fears, and the desire to do so. We want to see everyone succeed and be proud of who they are and becoming. 

  7. Get photos and video on stage and in the fire circle, dressed up, decked out and looking impressive. We will have a 360 Photo Booth too! 

  8. Get experience performing on a stage. Performing is hard so let your nerves go in our welcoming and supportive environment at SPiN. Find out what it is like to perform on a 24ft x 18ft stage in front of bleachers of people routing you on. This year we will upgrade our stage and have a LED backlit curtain and a follow spot light. 





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