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World Hoop Day (WHD) Ambassadors

World Hoop Day celebrates giving joy through hula hooping on the First Saturday of every October.

What is a WHD Ambassador?

Who Can Be a WHD Ambassador?

ANYONE! Click Here to learn how to start planning your event today!

How can Ambassadors use the Donations?

The donations most commonly go towards supplies and construction of physical hoops to be given directly to organizations and families. The funds can also go to support the supplies needed to teach classes in the community

How to watch the WHD streams on Saturday, October 2? 

Two ways to watch/participate

  1. Donate $5 to the cause and receive full access on Saturday 10/2

  2. Purchase a ticket to Spinsanity Online Three Day Event

By participating, guests will be able to watch live workshops and performances from all participating ambassadors over zoom. In the zoom event, the different locations will be hosted in different Breakout Rooms that will be clearly labeled for ease of visiting different different events virtually.

Buy Tickets

Why become an Ambassador?

  • Share your event with the world in the Spinsanity Zoom room!

  • Collect donations to help send hula hoops to children!

  • Share your love for hula hooping!

  • Ambassadors who meet the guidelines listed below will earn a free ticket to the workshops and other events on Friday 10/1 and Sunday 10/3. 

  • Your event will be shared on our website

Fill Out Ambassador Application

WDH Ambassador Guidelines

  1. Your WHD event must have a website or Facebook page. 

  2. Your WHD event must occur on Saturday, October 2nd. 

  3. Your WHD event must gather a least 5 people.

    • Your event can have participants of any age.​

  4. Must host a breakout room to stream your event via the Spinsanity Zoom room for a minimum of 4 scheduled hours.

    • Your Stream can be as simple as a mobile device on a tripod capturing the event or a dedicated camera person interacting in the workshops streaming to Zoom. ​


Learn More on Spinsanity's 2021 3-Day Online Event

World Hoop Day Cover Monarch Hoop From Shea Solei.png
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